DeVry ACCT 429 Week 7 Discussions Latest



DeVry ACCT 429 Week 7 Discussions Latest 


Take Your Partner… or Not (graded)

As we’ve learned this week, choosing a partnership as a tax entity has consequences, and those consequences often are different than those that arise from choosing the corporate form. Many of these consequences can be quite dramatic, particularly if the business goes sour or if catastrophic, unforeseen circumstances arise—and many of them don’t have a thing to do with taxes. What are some of the more significant nontax consequences of choosing the partnership form? Which ones do you think are the most important, and why?


Does the Tax Code Need to Be Fixed? (graded)

We began this class with this question. After learning as much over the last 7 weeks as we have about the federal income tax system, it also seems an appropriate place to end it. Have your thoughts on the matter changed? Why or why not? By now, you should at least be able to discuss your agreement and/or concerns in much more detail, given your impressive knowledge on the subject. Don’t forget to consider the types of factors that we stressed at the beginning of the course and that we have been revisiting every week since that point in time!


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DeVry ACCT 429 Week 7 Discussions Latest

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DeVry ACCT 429 Week 7 Discussions Latest




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