Devry GSCM 540 Full Course Latest



Devry GSCM 540 Full Course Latest

Devry GSCM 540 All Week Full Courses (Discussion Case Paper Course Paper ) Latest 


Devry GSCM 540 ALL Week Discussion DQ 1 & DQ 2 Latest

Devry GSCM 540 Week 1 Discussion DQ 1 & DQ 2 Latest

DQ 1

Purchasing Function (graded)

Discuss the issue of centralization versus decentralization as it applies to the purchasing function. Be sure to discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of each.

DQ 2

Purchasing Integration (graded)

It has been suggested that the purchasing function should be integrated with the strategic and competitive goals of the firm. Using your own organization as a reference point, discuss how well its purchasing function is integrated. Be sure to explain the benefits and weaknesses of the current arrangement.


Devry GSCM 540 Week 2 Discussion DQ 1 & DQ 2 Latest

DQ 1

Quality Function (graded)

There are at least three expert views of the quality function. Define the one you agree with and explain why.

DQ 2

Inventory Management and Just-In-Time Inventory (graded)

What are the differences between the classical EOQ inventory system and MRP? Give an example of a where you should choose one over the other and explain why.


Devry GSCM 540 Week 3 Discussion DQ 1 & DQ 2 Latest

DQ 1

Purchasing Procedures (graded)

What are reverse auctions and EDI? How have they changed the purchasing function? Find an example of a company using reverse auctions to explain your answer.

DQ 2

Supplier’s Information (graded)

What are some of the ways in which you can get information about your suppliers? Explain which you feel to be most effective and why.


Devry GSCM 540 Week 4 Discussion DQ 1 & DQ 2 Latest

DQ 1

Make Versus Buy (graded)

What is meant by make or buy? Then describe some of the key make or buy success factors and explain what factors make this decision process difficult.

DQ 2

Outsourcing (graded)

Given the popularity of an “America First” mentality toward industry, there are potential public relations risks to an outsourcing decision. Explain how a company can justify a decision to outsource to (a) its shareholders and (b) the general community?


Devry GSCM 540 Week 5 Discussion DQ 1 & DQ 2 Latest

DQ 1

Differences Between Six-Sigma, Statistical Process Control, and Taguchi Methods (graded)

Discuss the differences between six-sigma, statistical process control, and Taguchi methods. Provide examples where one would be more useful than the others and explain why.

DQ 2

Learning Curve Phenomenon and Theory (graded)

Discuss what is meant by the learning curve phenomenon and the assumptions that drive learning curve theory. Provide some examples of how the firm can implement and utilize learning curve theory.


Devry GSCM 540 Week 6 Discussion DQ 1 & DQ 2 Latest

DQ 1

Supplier Partnerships and Supply Chain Power (graded)

What are some of the challenges in establishing a supply partnership? Be sure to discuss both the operational and interpersonal issues that can complicate these relationships.

DQ 2

Bargaining and Negotiations (graded)

Discuss the differences between distributive and integrative bargaining. Explain how you determine which is best for what type of purchasing negotiations and how you would go about creating the appropriate psychological environment to make those negotiations successful.


Devry GSCM 540 Week 7 Discussion DQ 1 & DQ 2 Latest

DQ 1

Legal Aspect of Purchasing (graded)

What things does a purchasing agent need to consider in order to ensure that he or she is not exposing the company to undue contractual risks?

DQ 2

Global Sourcing (graded)

Discuss the behavioral and cultural issues that a purchasing agent needs to be aware of in order to ensure a successful global sourcing program. Explain how best to manage these issues.


Devry GSCM 540 ALL Week Case Paper Latest

Devry GSCM 540 Week 2 Case Paper Latest

Case: MARS (D) #15


  • What were MARS total costs per year prior to the new price structure when the diesel engine price was $4,800? Was Mars’s using the EOQ method?
  • With the volume purchase discounts and warehouse constraints, what is the best ordering quantity?
  • With the change in supplier and the resulting addition of volume purchase discounts and different transportation rates, how are costs and EOQs affected?
  • What is the difference between all-unit quantity discount and incremental discount schedules? How would the costs and EOQs differ? Which would be preferable assuming that both share the same cost figures?
  • How will these changes impact the Lean Manufacturing Philosophy at MARS? What would be the resulting changes in inventory levels?

Devry GSCM 540 Week 3 Case Paper Latest

Case Study

Case: The ARMS Procurement System at Tustin State University #3


  • Use flow diagrams to show the differences between the new and old system.
  • How should Christina solve the errors in the ARMS purchasing module? How do you recommend searching through 280,000 vendor catalogs?
  • There are also a significant number of errors in the vendor database. The ARMS system cannot decipher between a vendor’s billing address and its shipping address. What should you recommend?
  • If the invoice does not match the purchase order exactly, the account clerk and purchasing must research the purchase order and identify where the error occurred. What is your recommendation?


Devry GSCM 540 Week 4 Case Paper Latest

Case Study

Case: Firebird Electric, U.S. #11

  • Calculate the differences between make, buy, and outsourcing decisions, and provide your recommended option.
  • How should the suppliers be selected if the buy option is chosen? Give a step-by-step approach to the selection and evaluation process.


Devry GSCM 540 Week 5 Case Paper Latest

Case Study

Case: Carter Systems Canada, Inc. #9


  • How does the cost breakdown of the previous orders and Mr. Travis’ estimate differ? What can be inferred about the nature of the new product from the cost breakdown estimation?
  • How can each item of a cost breakdown be interpreted in regard to each other and the quoted company? Of all the cost breakdown items, which items are more important and open to negotiation?
  • What factors might have caused the variance between D & G Technologies’ quotation and Mr. Travis’ estimate? Between D & G Technologies’ quotation and Bell Systems’ quotation? Between SOT and the two lowest quotes?
  • In light of your answer to the above question, what conclusions can you draw concerning (a) the reliability and usefulness of cost estimates made by the buyer, and (b) the value to be gained from the comparison of one supplier’s quotation with the others?


Devry GSCM 540 Week 6 Case Paper Latest

Case Study

Case: TEMKO Earthmovers #23


  • What could be inferred about the supplier market conditions from the response for the request for quote? How would the supplier market conditions influence the decision to expand outsourcing policy?
  • Discuss and define the difference between single sourcing and sole sourcing in regard to the relationship between TEMKO and ACE Manufacturing. Include an evaluation of ACE Manufacturing’s requests and what could be inferred from them.
  • According to ACE Manufacturing, what would the resulting cost reduction from outsourcing to ACE Manufacturing be? Discuss the probable sources of this cost reduction. What would be the consequence of exploiting these sources to TEMKO and ACE Manufacturing?


Devry GSCM 540 Week 7 Case Paper Latest

Case Study

Case: Eastern Waves, Inc. #10


  • As Jon James, please write a critique analyzing the situation in Malaysia for Mr. Patton. What recommendations do you suggest?
  • How can Code C avoid future sourcing disruptions? How should Code C critically analyze future global sourcing alternatives?


Devry GSCM 540 Week 7 Course Paper Latest

<pclass=”msonormal” style=”box-sizing: border-box; user-select: initial !important;”>Devry GSCM540 Week 7 Course Paper Latest 2016 March

Course Paper> Grading Rubrics



The Course Paper is to enable you to apply the various purchasing elements that you encountered in the course. Recognizing that this is a research project, you are expected to utilize a variety of resources. This is not just limited to your lecture and textbook; you may use your experiences, interview coworkers, and use the DeVry’s online library databases to assemble the information to be contained in this report.

For this assignment, you are to produce a Product Buying Report, which is all the information a buyer needs to intelligently purchase a specific product, component, or commodity (e.g., computer chips, capital equipment, raw materials for reworking). In selecting and presenting the data you will assemble, you should indicate what use a buyer will make of this information. Based on what you determine from your research, you are expected to make a recommendation about whether the chosen product should be acquired and how you would plan to negotiate its purchase.


Clear writing is an important element of good business communications, and you should strive to demonstrate such skills in this paper. Because economy is a hallmark of good business writing, your paper should NOT exceed 12 double-spaced pages (not counting title page, executive summary, and references). You are expected to submit your best work for this assignment, which means knowing and using good grammar and APA style.


Your Product Buying Report must contain the following sections.

  1. Title Page
  2. Executive Summary This is a one-page summary of your overall report. Recognizing that many executives will only read this portion of your report, you are expected to summarize the key information, critical data, and your final recommendation.
  3. Intended Use and Requirements In this section, you are to outline the intended use for the product and the requirements to be met by the item purchased. To do this effectively, you should create a scenario explaining the background of these requirements, as well as all the buying influences that need to be considered. Note that this is an appropriate time to consider make versus buy versus partner factors; however, because this is a buying report, your analysis should support the attractiveness of the buy alternative.
  4. Available Products In this section, you are to catalog the available products that might meet these requirements and the characteristics of those products. These characteristics, which would include classifications, grades, and properties that distinguish one product from another, need to be defined. From this list of available products, you will select one for detailed investigation.
  5. Technical Product Data This is where you outline the technical data required to specify and inspect the quality and suitability of the selected product.
  6. Analysis of the Product’s Sources and Availability This is where you identify the various sources for this product, along with critical information about their abilities to source the product. If how the product is manufactured is an important consideration for your ability to select suppliers and appraise its quality, be sure to quality those requirements.
  7. Supplier Selection Criteria In this section, you are to discuss the basis by which supplier selection should be determined and why. For instance, is this product best sourced through the competitive bidding process, negotiation, collaboration with a partner, or some other mechanism?
  8. Pricing Factors Here you are to discuss factors that will affect product pricing, including supply, demand, pricing, and inventory requirements.
  9. Supplier Relationship Management In this section, you are to discuss how the relationship with the selected supplier should best be managed, including the associated costs and effort necessary to do so.
  10. Legal and Ethical Considerations Identify legal and/or ethical considerations that are appropriate for this decision. Be sure to discuss the expected contract type and key terms that need to be incorporated into the prospective agreement.
  11. Recommendation In previous sections, you have identified a prospective supplier and all the relevant operational and cost information necessary to make a decision about the viability of this procurement. In this final section, you are to provide your recommendation on the prospective purchase. Your recommendation needs to follow from the information you have presented above, for example, you should not logically recommend purchasing a product for which you have identified a number of shortcomings. However, it is possible that you may determine that the available product does not appear to be a viable solution for your intended use and requirements. If that is the case, you should recommend against the purchase but suggest alternatives that might be taken in a follow-up analysis.
  12. References You are to indicate the sources you included as citations in your paper.


The paper is due in Week 7.


Category Points % Description
Content deliverable of the 11 sections 160 80 Required questions are answered in an accurate and appropriate manner. Adequate support is given for recommendations.Calculations (where required) are performed correctly.
Grammar and spelling 20 10 Paper is well written and reflects graduate school level writing. Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed and spelling is correct. Sentences are written in a complete, concise manner, and sentence transitions maintain the flow of thought throughout the paper.
Formatting and APA usage 20 10 Paper includes the report components required for the assignment: title page, executive summary, answers to questions, and references/appendix (where appropriate). The paper does not exceed the maximum length guidelines for the assignment. APA format is followed throughout the paper.
Total 200 100 A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.


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