Devry HSM 542 Week 4 Midterm latest



Devry HSM 542 Week 4 Midterm latest

1. Question : (TCO G) Negligence is defined as a failure to use ordinary or reasonable care, which leads to patient harm. In a healthcare setting, a charge of negligence can be brought against both physicians and organizations in the same lawsuit. Describe elements of negligence that an attorney would have to demonstrate in a typical medical malpractice case.
Question 2. Question : (TCO C) What do medical professionals mean when they utilize the expression “futility of treatment?” How does this concept relate to do-not-resuscitate orders (DNR) and established patient advance rirectives such as the living will and durable power of attorney for healthcare?
Question 3. Question : (TCO F) Discuss three federal regulations that impact the supervision and management of a healthcare staff. Provide at least one example of how an organization would violate the regulation.
Question 4. Question : (TCO B) Discuss two legal cases that have impacted abortion in the United States. Describe the specific ethical issue that was impacted by the outcome of the case.
Question 5. Question : (TCO D) Describe and discuss the role of a hospital, physician, and patient in getting informed consent. What are the ramifications of not getting the proper informed consent?

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Devry HSM 542 Week 4 Midterm latest

Best Devry HSM 542 Week 4 Midterm latest
Devry HSM 542 Week 4 Midterm latest


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