Devry NETW 410 Week 7 ilab Latest



Devry NETW 410 Week 7 ilab Latest

week 7

<pclass=”msonormal” style=”box-sizing: border-box; user-select: initial !important;”>NETW410 Week 7 Lab Report

To complete the Week 7 Lab Report, answer the questions below that appear in your OPNET lab instructions, downloaded in Step 3 of the Week 7 iLab page.

Please use the template starting on Page 2 and submit it to the Week 7 iLab Dropbox by the due date.

Have fun while learning.
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NETW410, Professor’s Name

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Lab 7: Traffic Modeling

Lab Report

  1. 1.Capture a screen shot of the results screen and paste it into your answer sheet.(7 points)
  2. 2.What do the stats show about the traffic entering the cloud? (7 points)
  3. 3.Paste a shot of this screen into your worksheet.(7 points)
  4. 4.What do you observe about the packet delay related to the ToS we assigned? (7 points)
  5. 5.Why does this simulation run so much quicker than the first one? (7 points)
  6. 6.What do you observe about the queuing delays in both scenarios? (7 points)

7.The first panel compares the queuing delays between the three scenarios. Paste a shot of this panel in your answer sheet.(7 points)

8.How do you compare these results? (7 points)

9.The second graph panel compares the packet end-to-end delays for the three traffic demands obtained using explicit traffic and hybrid traffic (no ETE delays were available in the purely background traffic scenario). Paste a shot of this panel into your answer sheet. (7 points)

  1. 10.How would you compare the results between the first and third scenarios? (7 points)


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Devry NETW 410 Week 7 ilab Latest

Best Devry NETW 410 Week 7 ilab Latest
Devry NETW 410 Week 7 ilab Latest


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