Devry PSYC 110 Chapter 01 postTest latest



Devry PSYC 110 Chapter 01 postTest latest

Which of the following is a guideline for doing research with people?

Deception is never justified.

Participants must be allowed to make an informed decision about participation.

Participants must understand that confidentiality is not guaranteed.

Participants cannot just quit without a valid, logical reason.


An institutional review board reviews:

a study’s proper use of the scientific method.

a study’s hypothesis for feasibility.

double-blind studies only.

a study’s safety and consideration for the research participants.


Researchers who allow their expectations about what they will see to affect the results of their observation studies are suffering from:

the observer effect.

participation observation.

observer bias.

controlled observation.


All of the following statements about surveys are true EXCEPT:

survey questions can be written in such a way that the desired answer becomes obvious.

it is difficult to word survey questions so they will be understood the same way by all who read them.

the order of the questions in the survey can affect its outcome.

answers to survey questions are resistant to courtesy bias.


In an experiment, it is best to divide participants into the control or experimental group by:

using random assignment.

studying each participant’s personality.

surveying the participants first.

determining the participants’ familiarity with the study.


The four goals of psychology are accomplished through:

laboratory observation.

the scientific method.

double-blind studies.



Because psychologists want to be precise and measure as carefully as they can, they use ________ to study psychology.


functionalism and structuralism

mental processes

the scientific method


According to the behavioral perspective, a child who cries and is rewarded by getting his mother’s attention will:

cry again in the future.

stop crying so much in the future.

be more attached to his mother.

be indifferent to his mother.


Mrs. Lewis participated in a study in which she was given no treatment for her condition. Mrs. Lewis was in the ________ group.






Dr. Jonas wanted to determine what would happen if rats were given food every time they completed a maze. He believed they would learn to complete the maze faster. This belief is called

a description.


an explanation.

a prediction.


Freud believed that personality was formed:

after a traumatizing event.

in the first 2 years of life.

in the first 6 years of life.

around puberty when the sex organs develop.


By making a loud noise when “Little Albert” was presented with a rat, John Watson taught the baby to fear rats. This proved that:

children are inherently afraid of rats.

phobias could be learned through conditioning.

loud noises always elicit a fear response in humans.

rats can easily frighten young children.


Mary is a psychologist who focuses on the role of the conscious and unconscious minds. To which perspective does Mary ascribe?






Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis:

is as commonly used today as it was a few decades ago.

has no place in modern scientific study.

has been completely rejected by modern psychologists.

is still in use by professionals today, with less emphasis on sex and sexual motivations.


Which of the following psychological professionals must always have a medical degree?




psychiatric social worker

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Devry PSYC 110 Chapter 01 postTest latest

Best Devry PSYC 110 Chapter 01 postTest latest
Devry PSYC 110 Chapter 01 postTest latest


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