Image Lightbox

[image url=”” size=”small” target=”_blank” lightbox=”true” title=”Small” align=”left” autoheight=”true”]
[image url=”” size=”medium” target=”_blank” lightbox=”true” title=”Medium” align=”left” autoheight=”true”]
[image url=”” size=”large” target=”_blank” lightbox=”true” title=”Large” align=”left” autoheight=”true”]
[image url=”” size=”fullwidth” target=”_blank” lightbox=”true” title=”Full Width” align=”left” autoheight=”true”]
[box_title font_size=”15″ font_alignment=”center” border=”middle” border_color=”#CDCDCD”]SHORTCODE ATTRIBUTES[/box_title]
  • url: path of the image
  • link: address of the link
  • size: type list of size
  • target: target of link
  • lightbox: whether to show the lightbox on image click
  • title: caption inside the lightbox
  • align: image alignment
  • auto height: whether to maintain image ratio