Devry CIS407a week 4 quiz latest



Devry CIS407a week 4 quiz latest

1 .Question : (TCO 4) What does a relational database use to relate tables in the database to each other?

Foreign key

Trigger key

View key

Host key

Question 2 .Question : (TCO 4) If a row in one table is related to one or more rows in another table, the tables are said to have (a) _____ .

no relationship

many-to-many relationships

one-to-one relationship

one-to-many relationship

Question 3 .Question : (TCO 4) Which of the following SQL statements can be generated automatically by the Configure Data Source wizard?




All of the above

Question 4 .Question : (TCO 4) When should you place the text and controls that define a template for a data list within a table?

When the data list contains two or more columns

When you need to align the columns in two or more templates

When you need to apply formatting to the template

A and B only

Question 5 .Question : (TCO 5) Which of the following can you not do from the Fields dialog box for a GridView control?

Add a bound control

Add a Command button

Add a validation control

Convert a bound field to a template field

Question 6 .Question : (TCO 5) You can use the PagerSettings element of a GridView control to do all but one of the following .Which one is it?

Control what buttons appear in the pager area .

Control the number of rows that is displayed on a page .

Control whether text or images appear on the page buttons .

Control where the pager area appears .

Question 7 .Question : (TCO 5) Which of the following statements sets the value of an insert parameter named ParentName for a data source named SqlDataSource1 to the value of the Text property of a control named txtParentName?

SqlDataSource1=txtParentName .Text;

SqlDataSource1 .InsertParameters[“ParentName”] .DefaultValue = txtParentName .Text;

Sql .InsertParameters[“ParentName”] .DefaultValue = txtParentName .Text;

SqlDataSource1 .InsertParameters[“ParentName”] = txtParentName .Text;

Question 8 .Question : When you develop an application using a 3-layer architecture, the layer that provides the user interface is called the _____ layer .





Question 9 .Question : (TCO 5) Which of the following methods do you use to read the next row from a SqlDataReader object?





Question 10 .Question : (TCO 5) Displaying data in .NET requires what three objects?

Connection, query, dataset

Connection, query, data field

Server, client, application

Connection, adapter, dataset

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Devry CIS407a week 4 quiz latest

Best Devry CIS407a week 4 quiz latest
Devry CIS407a week 4 quiz latest


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